Wartime Memories - life as a teen during World War II

I n 1945, students at Maine High School successfully undertook an amazing initiative: selling $500,000 in war bonds to finance a World War II C-54 Skymaster Transport airplane. The aircraft, which still exists today, was made by Douglas Aircraft Company, located on Manheim Road, just west of our city limits. This effort was the catalyst for our oral history project “Wartime Memories – life as a teen during World War II”. Today’s Maine Township students from Maine East and South interviewed over a dozen Wartime graduates of Maine High School to document their unique experiences. Check out the documentary today’s students produced based and peruse any of these wonderful individuals stories.John Murphy, Wartime Memories Coordinator, Vice President Park Ridge Historical SocietyLaurie Pegler, Assistant Wartime Memories Coordinator, Trustee Park Ridge Historical Society

Faster and Higher, That’s the Maine Flyer

Student Producers

Grace Murphy, Maine South ’16 – Samantha Smart, Maine South ’15 – Fiona Kurylowicz, Illinois Math & Science Academy ’16 – Andrew Lazara, Maine South ’15 – Rohini Venkat, Maine South ’15 – Matthew Weiss, Maine South ’15 – Rachel Maurer, Maine East ’15 – Andrew Lazara, Maine South ’15

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See the special documentary based on interviews with over a dozen Maine High School graduates.

Ralph Bishop

Record date: Wed Apr 23, 2014

Ralph’s dad worked at Post office, Perkins Express Moving, working long hours until the 40 hour week was enacted. During the war he worked at the Douglas plant – he managed the tool section. His father also had a contract for Postal Express. Shipments would come in by rail to the Park Ridge Train station and his dad would deliver individual items to residents and businesses… More

Bob Peacock

Record date: Wed Apr 23, 2014

Father was a WWI veteran born in 1896 in Winchester. Goshen MO 1895. Met in DC and married in 1922. He was born in 1930 at the height of the depression. Father graduated in 1925 from Northwestern and bought a car the month before he was born. Father worked for Illinois Bell they were average middle class. His Mom was a homemaker. Always went on vacations. They didn’t have alot of money but they lived a normal life… More

Marcia Gunderson & JoAnn Seabury

Record date: Wed Apr 23, 2014

Yeah I live at Touhey and Delphia. Well, Touhey and Lincoln.
Uh huh. Now you mean?
Oh for goodness sakes. Okay, I was on Seminary.
North Seminary. We were there for sixty-eight years… More

Robert Lins

Record date: Wed Apr 23, 2014

Robert Henry James Lins
242 Gillick st park ridge
Lived here since 6
Had 2 brothers Charles and Thomas. Born in Connecticut,.moved Phil, Det MI,
Dad worked at Dupont Sales Manager – high school dropout… More

Anita Stewart

Record date: Wed Apr 23, 2014

I had 2 addresses. The first one was when I lived in Chicago, on the very outskirts of Chicago, and that was on Harlem Avenue, 5246 Harlem Avenue, and that is Chicago, and then I moved to 581 Des Plaines Avenue, now called River Road, in Des Plaines…. More

Clarence Herbst

Record date: Wed Apr 23, 2014

Park Ridge in general was a great place to be born and raised. The people were good. Teachers were good. We had homes and food. Although some of my classmates from kindergarten, their parents lost their jobs during the Depression, ’33-’34, and that sort of thing. So there were some tough times. But Park Ridge was a fine place to be raised… More

Nancy Welty Clark

Record date: Wed Apr 23, 2014

My father was an architect and also an insurance salesman, but during the war he went to work at Douglas Aircraft that used to be at O’Hare, drawing airplane designs for templates and things like that. My mother had worked for Mohizures and she went into business for herself and was helping people redecorate and fix up their houses… More

Robert Mueller

Record date: Wed Apr 23, 2014

Robert lived at 317 North Merrill Avenue. My dad was a banker. My mother was a housewife. We were members of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. A member of the boy scouts, he recalls frequent camp-outs with just the boys – the adults were all working. The boys had to do the shopping for their meals and pool their ration stamps. Robert remembers riding the bus with his rifle team and all of their rifles. Something not very likely today. … More

Bill Amundsen

Record date: Wed Apr 23, 2014

Grew up 322 Talcott Place and moved at age 15 to 8110 N Merrill and went to Maine High School. Bought a 1930 Ford Coupe to get to school… More

Clinton and Dorothy West

Record date: Wed Apr 23, 2014

Dad worked for a LaSalle and then Citizens Bank, Mom was a homemaker. Here older sister joined the WAC’s. Her parents consented because they thought she was frail. She came bounding back after the interview and exclaimed that she had three weeks to get her affairs in order. She went to Officers Training and was stationed in Camp Tyson in Tennessee. Here sister married a soldier there. They trained and use Military Blimps… More

Richard Stranahn

Record date: Wed Apr 23, 2014

I was an only. So I got the whole back seat to myself in the car. My father was a salesman. My mother was a homemaker. We grew up with my grandparents because, although it was never discussed, I am quite sure we went broke during the war- I am sorry, during the Depression. We moved an awful lot. I was born in North Dakota. We moved in with the grandparents in Des Plaines when I was four, I think. From there I went into kindergarten in Des Plaines. From there we moved to Yonkers, New York and I did first grade. Is the sort of thing you want? More

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Faster and Higher, That's the Maine Flyer

Documentary produced based upon interviews from this Wartime Memories Project